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Find our latest media and collateral available for download. We would love for you to share our educational and support resources and spread the word, far and wide, in your community. Thank you.

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MP3 Voice files in multiple languages

These voice files are MP3 audio file recordings of the following phrase: 

“Many people are very stressed and anxious now. Find help and resources for peace of mind in our language at”

The files can be downloaded from here and then shared via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, email, etc., in order to direct people to access the COVID Support VT website to find more resources and mental health supports during the pandemic. Feel free to share widely.

Each voice file is recorded in one of the following languages:

Arabic | MP3

Bosnian | MP3

French | MP3

Nepali | MP3

Somali | MP3

Spanish | MP3

Swahili | MP3

Press releases, news and articles

Find the latest press releases, news and articles that COVID Support VT has released. Available for download and posting.

For press inquiries contact Jess Cover.

Press releases:

June 23, 2021 press release | PDF

October 21, 2020 press release | PDF

July 28, 2020 press release  |  PDF

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News and articles:

Across The Fence | Covid Support VT: Support for Vermonters During the Pandemic on ‘Across The Fence’

Across The Fence | Help during the Pandemic: Covid Support Vermont on ‘Across The Fence’

Burlington Free Press | Vermonters can make use of this mental health resource during COVID-19

Fox 44 News | Local resource helping people cope with mental anguish brought on by pandemic

NBC5 | ‘I have anxiety and PTSD as it is’: Free COVID-19 counselor program helps Vermonters

Seven Days | Bracing for Impact: As Vaccinations Progress, Writers — and a Cartoonist — Reflect on Reentry Anxiety

Seven Days | How Vermonters Are Coping With Being Apart in the Pandemic

Seven Days | State Officials Slam Feds for Ending an Unemployment Benefits Program

UVM Continuing Ed | COVID-19 Strategies for Managing Your Mental Health UVM Webinar

VPR VT Edition | Getting Through The Holidays During The Pandemic

VPR VT Edition | State Officials Acknowledge Mental Health Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic

VTDigger | COVID Support VT aims to help Vermonters stressed by pandemic

VTDigger | Loneliness During the Pandemic: What Can You Do?

VTDigger | Sacrifice, solitude and stress: How Vermonters handled a year of crisis

VTDigger | Virus in Vermont: Toddler parents worry after a year of social deprivation

WCAX | Addressing Vermonters’ mental health concerns during COVID

WCAX | Scott: Virus widespread in VT communities

WCAX | Tips to ease back into social activities post-pandemic

WDEV Radio | Vermont Viewpoint, March 23, 2021: COVID Support VT and Craft Fairs During COVID | More than 40% of people reported depression and anxiety symptoms since start of pandemic, survey finds

Print materials

We are consistently creating new materials that promote wellness self-care tips, our counseling support services, stress management tools and more. When possible, we translate the documents into multiple languages. These files can be downloaded from here and shared widely.

Order COVID Support VT Printed Resources

For quantities of our resources, above and beyond what you want to download, please fill out this order form. You can see what each document looks like by selecting them on this page.

“Support Counselors Now Available” Posters:

English version:
Full color w/tear-off tabs | PDF 
Full color w/no tabs | PDF
B & W w/tear-off tabs | PDF
B & W w/no tabs | PDF

Spanish version:
Full color w/tear-off tabs | PDF
Full color w/no tabs | PDF
B & W w/tear-off tabs | PDF
B & W w/no tabs | PDF

Daily Stress Management Plans available in English and Spanish. The 1st page is printable and perfect for the fridge door. The second page is a fillable file perfect to live on your computer:

English | PDF
English large print | PDF
Spanish | PDF

COVID Support VT Services Flier:

English generic female | PDF
English BIPOC female | PDF
English generic male | PDF
Support/workshop rack card | PDF

Self-care tips and resources flyers are available in one of the following languages:

Arabic | PDF
Bosnian | PDF
Burmese | PDF
English | PDF
French | PDF
Kirundi | PDF
Nepali | PDF
Somali | PDF
Spanish | PDF
Swahili | PDF

“ Workshops and Town Halls” posters:

Full color workshop flier | PDF
Workshop/support rack card | PDF
Activity group for older Vermonters flier | PDF

Public service announcements (PSAs)

Download and share these PSAs which help raise awareness about what community members may be feeling during the pandemic. Each PSA ends with sharing our website,, as a source for resources and information on how to cope during these difficult times. If you are from a television or radio outlet, more formats are available. Please email with your specific request.

PSA – Feeling Stressed? | Vimeo Video

PSA – Uncertainty | Vimeo Video

PSA – Changing World | Vimeo Video

PSA – Hope is in the air but many are still anxious and grieving | Vimeo Video

PSA – Call a COVID Support VT Counselor for support | Vimeo Video

PSA – Child missing friends and parent with no provider | Vimeo Video

PSA – Elder and child afraid and angry | Vimeo Video

PSA – Health care provider and person in recovery | Vimeo Video

PSA – Dad, mom and unemployed person | Vimeo Video

PSA – Multiple languages “I am so Stressed” | MP3

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COVID Support VT helps people cope with the pandemic through education, emotional support and connections to community services that promote resilience, empowerment and recovery.

Supporting Vermonters to lead healthy and satisfying lives community by community.


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