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Digital multilingual resources

Find wellness collateral in multiple languages available for download. Please help us support all Vermonters mental health and wellness and share these materials. Thank you.

Managing Stress in Arabic

Downloadable Files

Multilingual Files

Spanish Outreach

Spanish Vaccine Info

Delta Variant Info

Multilingual Task Force YouTube Channel

Up-to-date information, in video format, on COVID-19 related issues including testing, vaccines and how to keep safe.

Vermont for All Resources Website

Variety of information to support all community members in VT on issues related to COVID-19, food resources and more.

VT Department of Health COVID Information

VDH provides helpful guidance on many topics, as well as translated videos and other resources.

Spanish speaking COVID Support VT Counselor available via WhatsApp

COVID Support VT counselor offers services in Spanish, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Each call is confidential and free. You can call or text Cecilia via WhatsApp at 1-802-304-0562.

Download our Spanish Wellness flyer | PDF

(اللغة العربية) التعامل مع جائحة الكوفيد-١٩: نصائح للتغلب علي التوتر وتقوية الصحة.

Multilingual videos by Vermont Multilingual Coronavirus Task Force

The Delta Variant: What you need to know

MP3 Voice files in multiple languages

These multi language files can be downloaded from here and shared via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, email, etc., to direct people to access the COVID Support VT website to find more resources and mental health supports during the pandemic.

PSA – “I am so stressed”, in multiple languages

Multiple languages | MP3

These voice files are MP3 audio file recordings of the following phrase in multiple languages:

“Many people are very stressed and anxious now. Find help and resources for peace of mind in our language at”

Arabic | MP3

Bosnian |MP3

French |MP3

Nepali | MP3

Somali |MP3

Spanish |MP3

Swahili |MP3

Downloadable materials

We are consistently creating new materials that promote wellness self-care tips, our counseling support services, stress management tools and more. When possible, we translate the documents into multiple languages. These files can be downloaded from here and shared widely.

Self-care tips and resources flyers are available in one of the following languages:

Arabic | PDF
Bosnian |PDF
Burmese |PDF
English | PDF
French | PDF
Kirundi | PDF
Nepali | PDF
Somali | PDF
Spanish |PDF
Swahili | PDF

Vaccination phase 2 poster:

Arabic | PDF
Burmese | PDF
French | PDF
Kirundi | PDF
Nepali | PDF
Somali | PDF
Spanish | PDF
Swahili | PDF
Vietnamese | PDF

Daily Stress Management Plan:

Spanish | PDF

“Support Counselors Now Available” Posters in Spanish:

Full color w/tear-off tabs | PDF
Full color w/no tabs | PDF
B & W w/tear-off tabs | PDF
B & W w/no tabs |PDF

Order COVID Support VT Printed Resources

For quantities of our resources, above and beyond what you want to download, please fill out this order form. You can see what each document looks like by selecting them on this page.

Educational vaccine session in Spanish

UVM Health Network walks you through COVID-19 vaccination development and safety and provides information from the Vermont Department of Health.

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COVID Support VT helps people cope with the pandemic through education, emotional support and connections to community services that promote resilience, empowerment and recovery.

Supporting Vermonters to lead healthy and satisfying lives community by community.


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