New Virtual Workshop Combines Practical Skills with Mindful Self-Care

If you dread the thought of finding a new job, you’re not alone. The job search can be a stressful process in normal times. And with the uncertainties around the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on workplaces and childcare, these times are anything but normal.  A recent study found that losing a job during the pandemic was associated with a 32 percent increase in risk for anxiety and a 27 percent increase in risk for depression. 

“The job search is often the result of changes, and we all know that change can be stressful.” 

~ Megan Kastner, COVID Support VT Counselor

A new four-part workshop series from COVID Support VT explores the basics of the job-search cycle with a twist you won’t find in most job-search trainings: a focus on what’s in YOUR best interest for mental health and emotional well-being. 

‘Skills for the Job Search’ Meets Wednesdays Starting September 1

“I often see job search advice framed in a win/lose mindset where the main measure of success is simply getting a job offer,” says COVID Support VT Counselor Megan Kastner, who facilitates the workshop series. “My hope with these workshops is to empower people to focus more on finding the right fit for them vs. just getting an offer.”

Toward that end, Kastner developed the workshops with a focus on self-care and mindfulness. “It’s really important that we take care of ourselves while engaged in what can sometimes be a lengthy and challenging process,” she says.  “How can we mindfully prepare ourselves for the task of job searching while also acknowledging the feelings that might come about as a result of that task?”

Resumes, Interviews, and the Job Search Mindset 

The workshop series is applicable to all job seekers, whether you’re brand new to the workforce, re-entering it due to pandemic changes, or just looking to brush up on critical skills. It will cover job-search basics over four weeks, beginning September 1.

  • 1st Wednesday: The Job Search Mindset
  • 2nd Wednesday: Resume/Cover Letter Building & Applications
  • 3rd Wednesday: Interview Skills & Next Steps
  • 4th Wednesday: General Job Search Discussion

Support Group for Job Seekers Starts September 3

An accompanying Support Group for Job Seekers takes place virtually every Friday starting September 3. This weekly discussion and support group facilitated by COVID Support VT staff is an opportunity to learn from others and find success with finding employment. REGISTER HERE FOR SUPPORT GROUP.

Learn More and Find Resources

How to Manage the Emotional Roller Coaster of a Job Search, from the Harvard Business Review, offers practical guidance and tips for staying focused and managing stress.

The Mindful Job Seeker offers advice on how to incorporate principles of mindfulness into your job search.

What the Heck Are Job Seekers Supposed to Do? offers self-care tips for Covid-era job seekers.

Blog written by Brenda Patoine on behalf of VCN/Vermont Care Partners for COVID Support Vermont, a grant funded by FEMA and the Vermont Department of Mental Health

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