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Vermont Department of Health| COVID Resources | Visit

Vermont Department of Health | Vaccine Communication card | PDF

Being in isolation and sick with COVID can be worrisome.

Try these tips to manage your anxiety while you are ill:

  • Check in with your health care provider and follow their recommendations
  • Take it one hour at a time
  • Find things to do that are enjoyable and restful like listening to a story, reading, watching a movie, or doing a puzzle
  • Connect with people who care about you through text and video regularly
  • Take care of your symptoms and do things that help you to feel better like take a bath
  • Ask people to bring you what you need, people will want to help
  • Call one of our counselors – we are here for you


A ten-minute meditation session for a daily reset.

If you are short on time and looking to make personal and physical wellness space, this session is for you.

Nate will guide and demonstrate mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques to help you feel grounded and refreshed.

No experience is required. Whether you’ve practiced meditation before or are new to it, this is a session for everybody looking to improve their own well-being.

Self-care tips and resources

Daily wellness tips and ideas on ways to get support. Though simple, these reminders and resources can make a difference in your life during these difficult times.


Take care of your body

Eat well, exercise each day, get plenty of rest, and be careful not to overuse alcohol and drugs. Remember that exercise can be any kind of physical activity (walking, gardening, yard work) as long as it gets your body moving. Follow your treatment plan, if you have one, and take medications as prescribed. When we treat our body well, we are better able to manage stressful life events.

You can get exercise right now using the 7 Minute Workout (gets you moving no matter where you are).

7 Minute Workout  |  Exercise activity | AppleAndroid

My Fitness Pal  |  Exercise and diet  |  Apple Android


Set reasonable goals

Mastering something, even something very simple, can help us to feel more in control of our day-to-day lives. Find something that you can do from start to finish every day, no matter how small the task. Decide what must get done today and what can wait. Priorities may shift to reflect changes in schedules and routines and that is okay. Recognize what you have accomplished at the end of the day.

You can set some goals for yourself in a journal or by using an app like Strides. Or minimize your media exposure with the Social Fever app.

Strides  |  Track habits + SMART goals  |  Apple

Monitor your media usage
Social Fever  |  Stop smartphone addiction  |  Google


Practice gratitude

Finding a way to support someone else with a telephone call, note, or needed supplies, supports your own well-being and the well-being of your community. End the day by journaling or talking about what you are grateful for. You can also try using an on-line gratitude journal.

Grateful  |  Gratitude journal  |  Apple


Mobile Apps: COVID Coach

A stand-alone education and self-care tool, or as a supplement to professional mental health care.

English version   | Download App
En Español version   | Download App


Older adults resources

Elder support resources  | Google Doc


Parent and caregiver resources

Support resources  | Google Doc


First Responder resources

Support resources  | Google Doc


Self-care printable flyers

Self-care tips and resources available in multiple languages:

Arabic | PDF

Bosnian |PDF

English |PDF

French |PDF

Kirundi |PDF

Somali |PDF

Spanish |PDF

Swahili |PDF

Woman in yoga position relaxing and calm

Stress management resources

The daily meditation app for the Black community

A safe space for the Black community to develop a daily meditation habit.

Download App

Mindfulness Meditation

Guided meditation for mental & physical relaxation, presence, and ease (10 minutes).

English | MP3

Stress management plan

Create your own Daily Stress Management Plan and commit to improving your overall health.

Daily Stress Management Plans available in English and Spanish. The 1st page is printable and perfect for the fridge door. The second page is a fillable file perfect to live on your computer:

Woman in yoga position relaxing and calm

Apps to help you relax and unwind

Here are some apps that can be really helpful for managing anxiety and depression.

  • Belly Bio  |  Biofeedback – diaphragmatic breathing  |  Apple
  • Breathe2Relax  |  Stress management  |  Apple Android
  • Colorish  |  Anti-stress coloring book  |  Android
  • iNaturalist  |  Enjoy nature  |  Apple  Android
  • Mindfulness Coach  |  Free mindfulness practices  |  Apple  |  Android
  • Mindshift  |  Self-rating and diary  |  Apple  Android
  • My Life  |  Check in and meditation  |  Apple  |  Android
  • Play A Game  |  Vibrant games library  |  AppleAndroid
  • Read a book  |  Downloadable books  |  Apple  Android  |  Microsoft
  • SAM  |  Self-help for anxiety management  |  Apple | Android
  • Social Fever | Stop smartphone addiction and monitor your tech use |  Android
  • Stop, Breathe & Think  |  Guided meditations  |  VISIT
  • The Breathing Butterfly  |  Basic breathing  |  Apple
  • The Plum Village App | Relaxation practices offered by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh | Visit
  • Virtual Hope Box  |  Self-help for anxiety management  |  Apple | Android
  • What’s Up?  |  Anxiety self-management  |  Apple Android


Learn about a wide variety of topics to understand what you may be feeling and to help you manage your own self-care, on your own time.

Put your coping skills into one bag

How you can make your own emotional first aid kit.

Ambiguous grief

Managing emotional losses.

Thanks to The Riverside Traumatic Center

Interrupted grief

Modifying our rituals.

Thanks to The Riverside Traumatic Center

Teen voices

Coping with the pandemic.

Thanks to The Riverside Traumatic Center

Brain fog

The neuroscience behind it.

Thanks to The Riverside Traumatic Center

Anxiety relief techniques

Reduce anxiety fast and feel more calm.

Thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu

Overcoming pandemic re-entry anxiety

How to cope with the anxiety of returning to work and school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu

How to practice mindfulness in everyday life

10 Simple exercises you can try right now.

Thanks to Dr. Ali Mattu

Stress-Management Techniques for Front Line Workers

Three techniques to help you manage stress.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson

Connect with others

Talk with people you trust about your concerns, how you are feeling, and share how you are managing day-to-day. Digital tools can help keep you stay connected with friends, family, and neighbors when you aren’t able to see them in person. Follow social distancing guidelines so that you can visit with people safely in person.

If you need to, use your preferred video conferencing system to connect with your family and friends like Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. Many are free and have on-line tutorials to help you learn how to use them.

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